Commercial Greenpeace - Quit Coal

Client: Greenpeace USA.
This video was made for Good Work Cannes Lions competition.
Greenpeace loved the video and decided to use it as a PSA in the USA.

Art direction, copyrighting: Liudmila Mikhaylova
Postproduction, motion design (AfterEffects): Ilya Berezin.

Brief Description:
We want to knock the halo off the head of the coal industry;
to expose all parts of the life cycle of coal, from mountaintopremoval to toxic emissions;
to inspire people to join the energy revolution.Goal for this brief: reach new audiences

TV ScriptEnergy [r]evolution – 35”

We see the dark almost black empty space.
We are passing by some stars. (text: One day somebody will search for a live…)
Nothing changes.
The same empty black space.
(text: and won’t find it…But you can change the future of your planet today.)
We see the human hand that wipes the small piece of a black space.
Fingers become dirty with black stuff (coal).And under the fingers we see the Earth.
Cut to black.Title: Quit Coal and start the Energy [r]evolution!